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Resources: St. Patrick's Day

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St Patrick in Chicago

See the video (too long, edit it to use it in class)
Read about the tradition
Here is the full story
See the parade and the whole tradition in Chicago

Video and an interactive book

A mini-site from History Channel (with a video for advanced students, rather religious but usable)
An interactive book of fact

Traditions and parades

- see pictures of the parades in Dublin
- U.S. Census Bureau Facts for Features: Irish-American Heritage Month and St. Patrick's Day
[LII New This Week recommended this site of facts and statistics related to St. Patrick's Day, including topics such as population distribution of Americans with Irish ancestry, immigration, places in the U.S. called Dublin and Shamrock, trade with Ireland, beer consumption, and "[the] number of U.S. residents who speak Irish Gaelic at home." From the U.S. Census Bureau.

St Patrick's story and legends, and several Irish legends (history of the day in Ireland and all over the world) (history and links, ready to use in the computer lab) ( short texts about the legends and traditions like "wearing green or getting pinched" and the Blarney Stone)

The Leprechaun's Pot of Gold

A short story about a leprechaun
*** Leprechauns' story starters (to make students write stories, excellent for all levels)
Several activities and handicrafts around the theme
- for the youngest : make a rainbow bookmark
- for beginners : color a picture, and write a poem, a few sentence or just some words underneath
- for kindergarten and primary school : the leprechaun's dance and other songs based on famous tunes
- several activities around the theme, from games to math, including pictures to color
- another page of activities : Color a pot of gold, a shamrock, read the story of St Patrick, answer trivias, etc.

Handicrafts and coloring pages

- coloring pages, cut out jigsaw puzzles
- rainbow mobiles
- Lucky stones
- Rainbow and shamrocks
- Paint a shamrock
- Shamrock template
- Hairy shamrocks (with growing seeds)
- Coloring page

Ireland map coloring Printout

A map of Ireland to color, for geography and English classes

Treasure hunts/webquests/quizzes (easy, for lower intermediates)

Ready to use lessons in .pdf

A quiz, a short history of Ireland, a text and a crossword
a warming up the text and the crossword
crossword, text and vocabulary


Fun St Patrick's meal and desserts
Irish recipes (with cookies!)

Other sites about Ireland and St Patrick's Day

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