Thursday, February 22, 2007

ProFile Extra

ProFile Extra, six free Internet lessons for people studying business English.
This month’s lesson is about ‘Travel’
What is ProFile Extra?
Every month, until July, you will receive a free business English lesson. Each lesson includes a worksheet, video, listening, and answer key.
Lessons are self-marking, so you can check your answers.
The February and March lessons are graded at Pre–Intermediate level.
The April and May lessons are graded at Intermediate level.
The June and July lessons are graded at Upper–Intermediate level.

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Languages-ICT news update


The spring edition of the ICT news update section of the CILT/ALL Languages-ICT website is now live and showcases a wealth of information on the latest developments in the ever-expanding world of technology and language learning.

Top stories include recent research on The Impact of ICT in schools: a landscape review and The use of ICT for teaching and learning languages as well as interesting articles about the MFL Video iPod Project and UK-Poland eTwinning project. There are also reviews of BETT 2007, The Isle of Wight Conference and news of upcoming events such as the CILT Primary Languages Show 2007 and ALL's Language World.

News of two new CILT titles We have the technology - Using ICT to enhance primary languages by Therese Comfort and Dan Tierney and Lights, camera, action! - Digital video in the languages classroom by Ruth Bailey and Claire Dugard are also advertised.

Of interest to primary colleagues, the update features details of the latest Nacell ELL bulletin, PMFL programmes from Teacher's TV, the new BBC course Primary French is Fun and soon to be launched primary languages website from CILT.

There are also ideas suggesting how you can get involved with action research or take part in a self-review on how you are using ICT to teach languages.

Click here to get the latest.

from Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom:

by joedale
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Saturday, February 03, 2007

AGM 2007


Here are the first images of the AGM, more to come:


Could you send your pictures to this mail address please?

Our first steps ... more to come:

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